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At the end of our Advent season, we arrive at the Christmas. It has been a path, deeply prayerful, accompanied by the testimony and protection of Holy Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. They have educated us in listening to the Holy Spirit, the humility, charity and patience of the pilgrims who hope to reach the desired destination. And with them, we welcome the Good News heard and prayed in our last prayer meeting:

On that cold night,

in the solitude of the manger,

accompanied by a few animals,

loved and adored by his parents,

Poor and humble child,


to bring us the life of God.


And the earth was filled with joy.

God embraced the arid land,

he kissed her with endearing tenderness.

Water springs emerged

and the branches exploded in flower.

It was Christmas.






Here are some testimonies of Advent and Christmas that our children live:


“When Christmas comes there is always someone who comes home to see us, like the baby Jesus.”

“There is a very beautiful star in the sky that guides us”

“The baby Jesus is born”

“Only the eldest who have the heart of a child listen to Jesus”

“Christmas is when they give us gifts and El Niño (the child) Jesús is born”

“It makes me feel happy, because it means that my family gets together to be together. I feel very happy because Jesus is born every year and fills my heart with joy. But it also makes me feel a little sad, because I think of the children who are not as lucky as we are, and they do not have a school like ours, or they can not celebrate Christmas as they would like. ”

“I would ask for 3 things that can not be bought with money:” Peace, love and affection “. Peace so that we can all help each other, the love to share it and the love to show it to the whole world. And so, everyone, every day. Also, do not forget the most needy that many are on the street and have no food, help them, how you help us. ”

“The birth of Jesus widens my heart.”

“It suggests me joy because they are together”

“The birth of Jesus gives me great joy and love and makes me think of my family.”

“In me, the birth of Jesus causes me HAPPINESS and joy in my heart, because God has been born inside me.”

“Thank you God for bringing us to Jesus on Earth, He has come to save us and to give priests who teach us your Word. I adore you! Happy Birthday!”

“Christmas is spending time with the family remembering the birth of Jesus”

“For me, Advent is that I prepare myself for Jesus to be born. For me it is to be restless, asking God to help me prepare. ”

“Christmas is the time when the Baby Jesus was born and at that moment we want to have our hearts ready not to fight with our brothers, to obey our parents … We already want Jesus to be born in our hearts! ”

“Advent for me means the time to prepare for the arrival of a baby and that baby is Jesus. OUR SAVIOR! ”

“Advent is a time of hope and relief because the Savior is going to be born and I like it, too, because I spend it with my family.”

“The Advent season I live very happy with my family and with my friends. I pray at home with my parents and in bed, before going to sleep, to wait for CHILD JESUS. ”

“Now in Advent time, we are learning to meet Jesus. To see Christmas with different eyes: with those of love. The prayer in Advent is making me see that I must look more towards others and less towards myself ”

“We are in Advent,

wait time,

and as I write this,

I’m at school.

Today is Christmas,

time to enjoy,

which is very special

because I like to pray ”

“Advent is a special moment of prayer. You live with serenity, tranquility and friendship. It is time to think, to find yourself, to reconsider and prepare for the arrival of the Lord.

Lord, help me today

to see everything

in a special way

and with illusion.

Teach me to see

the positive side to everything

to be happier every day

and look like you. ”

“In Advent I have an open heart

and, for that reason, I am not afraid.

In Advent I try to achieve what I want

and, for that, I try hard.

In Advent I am very happy

and, for that reason, I feel confidence inside.

Advent is preparation time

for the arrival of Jesus in my heart. ”

“This year I want to receive you at any time in my home, in the church, in my heart. I also want you to accompany me and when you are born again I will be waiting, like Mary and Joseph, for your arrival. ”

Jesus, I love you very much and for that reason I would like this Christmas to be born in my heart. I would like to give you my heart as the pastor.

Thank you very much for being born. I’m sorry that they crucified you. If I had been there I would have defended you. It is not fair to be crucified

Jesus, I want you to be always with me and never to leave me alone. I want you to be in my heart this Christmas and always. I just want you to be always by my side.