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The prayer´s life is a learning that believers carry out under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. However, it is very grateful the encounter with other people who infect us by osmosis their prayer experience.

Saint Joseph Calasanz found great help in his prayer path, with those venerable Carmelites who, from the convent of the Scala of Trastevere, Rom, initiated and accompanied him in the Teresian prayer life. They started an intimate and spiritual friendship with Calasanz and educated him in attitudes and contents of prayer that gradually gained the heart of Calasanz.

From this Calasanctian dynamic, Piarists do not only take care of our life of prayer, but with pleasure, we share it with the brothers: our formation, reflection and times of prayer that sustain and accompany our journey of faith.

For the educators of Valencia (Spain) and other nearby places we present a face-to-face meeting, a RETREAT, in order to prepare ourselves for the celebration of Advent and Christmas, aimed at Piarist educators and other persons interested in our Continuous Prayer from our Piarist charisma, in an atmosphere of silence and recollection that both helps the prayer of the heart. We will share times of reflection, formation and personal and community prayer.

Next, we offer you the data of the meeting:

Day: December 1

Place: San José de Calasanz School of Valencia. C / Micer Mascó, 5. Valencia

Hours: from 10.00 h. to 19.00 h.

If you wish to participate, you must send an email to communicating name and surnames of the participants. In this way, we can prepare the withdrawal material.

We trust that our invitation will encourage our desire to go out to meet Christ who comes to sow the spirit of prayer of the friends of God in our hearts.