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In the Calasanctian School, the spirit and practice of prayer was a priority objective in its educational project, which was achieved in the conjunction of various practices and teachings: the teaching of Christian doctrine, vocal prayers, liturgy, frequent invocations, the liturgy and the sacraments, the Continuous Prayer…

In this atmosphere of total faith in the grace of prayer and in the help that the prayer itself offers to the needs of the Christian and human community (Memorial to Cardinal Tonti, 20), the Saint (Joseph Calasanz) urged, in the face of the urgent needs of society, the Church, and the Order itself, “crusades” of prayer that entrusted to the intercession of the students of a particular school.

From his letters, we know that he asked children to pray for:

  • Peace (regarding peace, they should not stop praying, exposing the Blessed Sacrament many times, and asking with the children to have mercy and always bless us all together. EP 1086),
  • the educators, the Order (We do not know when the meeting of these Eminent Delegates will take place. And although some speak differently than others, I, however, have lots of hope, as long as they do not stop praying, above all the students, for the success of our things. EP 4197).
  • He himself (Here we are full of debts including our eyes, and we do not have nor do we know how to pay these creditors; for that reason, send all the students and all those who are in the house to pray to the Blessed Virgin, so that she helps us to find remedy in this urgent need. EP 1470).
  • the sick people (we have Fr. Melchor [Alacchi] suffering from fever, and the greatest evil is that he does not allow himself to be guided entirely by doctors.) Pray for him in all classes. EP432).

From this original inspiration, attending to Church´s and society´s need of God´s presence, in our schools we have put into practice the “School Day of Prayer”, which following this article you can find attached document.

During these days of November, the Piarist educators dedicate time to make known the person and educational work of Saint Joseph Calasanz. We will surely organize prayers, celebrations, Eucharistic celebrations … where we can thank God for Calasanz and the Pious Schools.

From our blog, we recommend you to organize a school day of prayer with this one intention, in which today the human and ecclesial community is especially sensitive and to which will be surely united from heaven, St. Joseph Calasanz and all the Pious Schools of heaven: may the rights of all minors in the world be respected.

Likewise, we share our resource elaborated in our school, which each educator has used with his group at the moment of prayer.

If you do this prayer, send us some news and photos that we can publish on the blog, and thus strengthen the ties that bind our Piarist “Body” in the prayerful heart of Our Holy Father, Joseph Calasanz.