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In the heart of many believers there is always a feeling of gratitude. It arises spontaneously when they listen to God´s message is being personalized to each of them and, especially, when they feel and experience “the grace of God” in their lives, that heals and revitalizes our person and vocation with the presence of God.

Our Piarist heart, before the individual, life and teachings of St. Joseph Calasanz, listens, on the one hand, to a message of life, hope and trust for the children and young people of today, and on the other hand, it feels the “delicate touch of God”, that with infinite kindness, gentleness and patience gradually softens our heart until it is shaped with the trust, simplicity and abandonment proper to the little ones of the Gospel.

Thus, Calasanz, becomes a living word of God for each one of us, to which we respond with

our confident and grateful prayer, from the heart of so many children who, through this “most fertile harvest” of the Pious Schools, have accepted the mercy of the fatherhood of God;

our praise and gratitude to our God who has lavished so much compassion through Calasanz;

our generous dedication to so many children and young people who ask us for the bread of culture and of the Gospel, in an environment in which they are easily despised and ignored.

And now, each one of us, can withdraw into himself, before the image of Our Holy Father that is most evocative to him, and give heartfelt thanks for the life that he has received in Calasanz.

To conclude, we join the prayer of the whole Church:


Lord our God


you have enriched Saint Joseph Calasanz,


with charity and patience,


so that he could dedicate tirelessly


to the human and Christian formation of children;


grant us, we beg you,


to imitate in his service to the truth,


whom we worship today as a teacher of wisdom.