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St. Joseph Calasanz left us few indications for the exercise of Continuous Prayer, but we are clearly aware of the preferential affection that the Saint always had for the Prayer of the little ones.

Today our Father General Pedro Aguado visits our blog and gives us a valuable message as the successor of our Holy Father. We suggest you listen to him attending to some attitudes:

  1. In the filial acceptance of his message. St. Joseph Calasanz, with his testimony of life and with his words, awakens in us that attitude of listening characteristic of those who allow themselves to be guided by the divine spirit. Today, we can also listen to his Word as a message from God for all of us who wish to accompany the prayer of the children from the Calasanctian charism.
  2. With a child’s soul. In our communication with children, we are captivated by the simplicity and innocence with which they listen to us and welcome our word. We too can welcome his Word with the humility and truth as people who wish to live in the presence of God.
  3. In the creative search for initiatives, dynamics and prayer proposals that will transform our schools into spaces of respect, listening and mutual love in which the other feels recognised as a sibling and child of God.

Here is his message.