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In today’s world, due to profound cultural transformations that have arisen in recent times, and an increasing number of new foundations of the Order in such cultural and religious contexts, we realise that it is necessary to renew our teaching and pedagogy of prayer, in its searching for reflections and words that are appropriate to age and cultural identity of each place and are able to promote an authentic prayerful encounter of each child with God according to the horizons of all Calasanctian prayer experiences.

From our experience and renewal spirit, we will offer you the pedagogy and materials that have been developed in the San José de Calasanz School in Valencia (Spain)

Through this effort of elaborating, updating and spreading, we intend to share what we have done to all the Piarist educators who are carrying out our Calasanctian mission in many different places of the Order.
Through this blog, like other formative dynamics that can be organized in our Order, Demarcations and Schools, we intend to awaken a desire to respond to a call that God sows in the heart of every Piarist educator, and we hope that He continues keeping us to listen with the same attention and care, as St. Joseph Calasanz did when he heard the calls of the divine Spirit:

Be people of prayer,
to educate in the hearts of children,
the prayer that the Spirit inspires in the heart,
Abba Father,
According to the style of Jesus, our Teacher.